Water Damage

//Water Damage

Get Help with Water Damage Insurance Claims in Miami

People rarely consider how quickly and devastatingly the water from burst pipes, leaking dishwashers, shower pans and leaky air conditioners can severely damage their homes. Even a small amount of water can create so much damage that the restoration would cost too much for the average homeowner to pay for out of pocket comfortably without making serious sacrifices in the meantime, if at all. That’s what homeowner’s insurance is for, after all, and that’s where public adjusters like us can help our clients get the insurance payments that they deserve.

Our Water Damage Claims Process

Although it’s impossible to say for sure how long a claim will take – in general, the more complex and high-cost cases take longer – most claims take, on average, between 90 and 120 days from start to finish. Our process minimizes the wait time without sacrificing quality.

Rapid Public Adjusters leverages our experience and skills to push your claims through from step one right on to the end. Once we’ve started, we take total control of the claim, keeping it moving and keeping you in the loop the entire time. Every water damage home insurance claim goes through three action steps to complete:

  • We set up an evaluation appointment with our client
  • We enter into a contract or other form of written agreement with our client
  • We evaluate the level of damage and define the scope of the water damage repair work

As a matter of company policy we keep you informed of the process from start to finish, but if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we’ll tell you as best we can.

We Will Help You When You Need it Most

Of course, your insurance carrier is interested in minimizing their costs and might even try not to provide all the insurance payouts that you deserve – and have already paid them for – to cover the repairs and restoration.

That’s where we come in. The expert adjusters at Rapid Public Adjusters work tirelessly to evaluate the water damage in your home and make sure that you come out on top when you make an insurance claim in Miami.

How much you have to pay out of pocket for the restoration of your home after sustaining water damage is at stake when you make an insurance claim. We work hard for our clients, and the insurance carriers in Florida know us well – they know that we present top-quality work that makes a watertight case for our clients’ insurance claim and will leave no room for question on either side.

That’s the kind of insurance adjuster that you want on your side.

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