Hurricane Damage

//Hurricane Damage

Get Help with Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims in Miami

You just have to look around Miami for examples of damage caused by hurricanes. Unfortunately, when you see a sadly dilapidated business or home in Miami, you also see evidence of a broken insurance claim process. The role of a public adjuster is to increase the amount of money received in an insurance settlement by demonstrating the extent of damage done by the hurricane.

Damage Assessment

Hurricanes are unique in their ability to cause a plethora of damage in a short amount of time:

  • Water damage
  • Wind damage — Windows, doors, interiors
  • Structural damage — Walls, foundations, and roof
  • Systems damage — HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems

Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. knows what damage a hurricane can cause, and we work tirelessly for our clients to provide accurate valuations and estimates on restoration costs.

The Hurricane Damage Recovery Process

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to examine your property and seek to settle your claim rapidly. Part of the adjuster’s goal is to move quickly, at the lowest possible cost to the insurer, while still providing adequate service to you, the insured. When you engage the services of Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc., you have an additional ally looking out for your best interest.

When evaluating hurricane damage, we move swiftly to:

  • Set an evaluation appointment with you
  • Enter into a written agreement spelling out our service
  • Determine the level and damage and set out parameters for the scope of work

We assist you, our client, in dealing with your insurance company. Your adjuster may have tried to be conscientious, but we will be far more thorough. We will:

  • Determine restoration cost of your hurricane damage
  • Engage structural engineers and other specialists to accurately assess hurricane damage
  • Determine construction and engineering costs to restore your home properly
  • Act as a liaison with your adjuster so you understand the scope of your loss and the insurer’s settlement offer
  • Obtain affidavits and other vital records
  • Provide photography and videography of the hurricane damage
  • Speed up the hurricane damage claims process by preparing the claim with substantiation for all losses

Supportive and Professional

After engaging Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. to work on your Miami hurricane claim, you can facilitate the process by documenting as many personal effects and furnishings as you can, including items of sentimental and heirloom value. Leave nothing off your list, because everything that was part of your life has value and meaning. Ask questions, point out structural or system deficiencies, and add to your list of losses as you remember or find more personal effects.

Contact the skilled professionals at Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. today and tomorrow you can have supportive, communicative, and professional help through the entire hurricane claim process.

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