Flood Damage

//Flood Damage

Get Help with Flood Damage Insurance Claims in Miami

What damage can a flood cause? In the Greater Miami area, unfortunately, almost all residents can answer that question. The obvious first signs are heart-wrenching: personal belongings water-logged and unsalvageable, clothing with permanent stains and horrible smells, and furniture that’s not even fit for firewood.

What Constitutes a Flood?

Flooding can strike any Miami homeowner anytime. An 80-gallon water heater that finally rusts out and deluges your basement with water can be thought of as a small flood. So, too, can a burst water main in the middle of your street. Hurricanes, heavy rains, or even a sudden summer downpour can bring flood waters into your Miami home. When faced with flood damage, Miami homeowners look to their insurance companies for relief. Often, they do not get the help they need.

Damage Caused by Flooding

Even a minor, localized flood can cause substantial and often unseen damage to structures. Consider these issues:

  • Structural damage to homes through weakened support members
  • Electrical damage and risks of electrocution from live wires in water
  • Sharp, submerged objects like broken glass, metal shards, ceramic chips and more
  • Sanitary hazards from grey or black water
  • Mold and mildew formation on walls, floors, soft materials, and even within walls
  • Ruined appliances
  • Destroyed food stocks
  • Unsafe living conditions

The Flood Claims Process in Miami, FL

Miami homeowners can gauge the full extent of flood damage by enlisting the aid of expert public adjusters. Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. can make an appointment with you, enter into a written agreement to serve you as a client, and then get to work on the actual flood damage: Our expert adjusters determine the level of damage and define the scope of work needed to rehabilitate your Miami home. Call or email us today to get a fair settlement from your insurance company.

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