Mold Damage

//Mold Damage

Get Help with Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Miami

While water damage to your property is bad, with water damage mold follows soon behind. Having a single point of contact – like the professionals at Rapid Public Adjusters – simplifies your insurance claim and recovery for mold damage in home, business or investment property.


The Process

Rapid Public Adjusters will dispatch a claims adjuster to your site and take complete control of the claim. We make the process simple, since you interact with just one company – us – while we engage services to restore your property when mold moves in.

  • We begin by setting up an appointment to evaluate your claim, working around your schedule for your convenience. You have already been through a lot with any insurance claim, so we strive to reduce your stress.
  • We generate a written agreement with you to identify and supervise all aspects of the mold claim.
  • We determine exact levels of damage, the extent of mold and the scope of remediation needed.

Establishing the claim is only part of our ongoing oversight of the job. We help you determine restoration costs, investigating beneath the surface to ensure no structural or engineering issues have been overlooked. And we do more:

  • We document evidence of mold damage, contents harmed or destroyed by mold, and mold’s effect on your structure’s usability or habitability.
  • Our documentation includes photographs, videos, personal inspections, notes, drawings and diagrams as needed.
  • We communicate openly with you, your insurer and contractors to make certain every step is understood.
  • We engage professionals to also assess damage, including mold remediation specialists, engineers or other specialized trades.
  • We submit your claim correctly, including related forms or documentation.
  • We monitor the claim process from evaluation through settlement.

Mold Prevention

Many Miami area customers suffer from mold damage after catastrophic water events, such as burst pipes or flooding. These clients often ask us how to prevent mold after water damage.

Preventing mold begins with complete dry-out, but to ensure mold never gets a chance to spread, mold remediation specialists first deconstruct (demolish) and remove water-damaged surfaces in your home or office. They set up industrial dehumidifiers and fans to completely dry out walls, floors and ceilings so mold never gets a chance to grow.

Working with a Claims Adjuster in Miami, FL

To keep communication flowing and remediation on track, be open with your adjuster. Ask questions and try to be available for the initial inspection. Do not disturb any water-damaged areas that may harbor mold, since adding additional mold spores to your indoor air worsens your problem. The faster you contact Rapid Public Adjusters, the faster our agents can be on site to help you choose between salvageable items and dangerous debris. Contact Rapid Public Adjusters today.

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