Fire Damage

//Fire Damage

Get Help with Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim in Miami

In some cases, fire damage is binary: either your house or business is intact, or it is reduced to ashes. In most cases, though, fire damage does not automatically mean total destruction, which invites insurance adjusters to find ways to lower their claim payout. Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. is your ally when confronting your insurer with the true cost of fire damage to your Miami property.

Damage Done by Fires

Fire consumes; it erases and destroys all you hold precious and valuable, but it often does more than reduce those treasures to blackened heaps. Smoke, firefighters’ water, and high temperatures can affect large swaths of your home or business in a fire.

Even a small, localized kitchen fire can reach far across your Miami home to leave unpleasant odors and unsafe electrical wiring in the walls of your home.

Further examples of damage caused by fire: a larger structure fire can get into your roof and sweep across, weakening rafters far away from the fire’s source. A hidden electrical fire in a wall can cause a lot of invisible damage. Without the careful scrutiny of your agent from Rapid Public Adjusters, you may never know the true extent of the damage done by fires.

Fire Damage Recovery

After even a small fire, you are full of questions. Does insurance cover fire damage? How will I be made whole again, with family mementos and furnishings destroyed? Will my insurance company help me account for everything, like lost work time, or hotel bills so my family has a safe place to stay?

With Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. on the job to assess and value the fire damage, your path to fire damage restoration is faster and more efficient. We will:

  • Meet at the fire site to evaluate fire damage
  • Enter into a written agreement spelling out our services
  • Safely and thoroughly examine every part of the structure affected by fire, smoke or water
  • Estimate restoration costs involved in fire damage recovery
  • Engage architects, contractors, designers and engineers to organize full restoration
  • Document all fire damage using photographs and video
  • Prepare your complete claim for your insurance company, supporting every claimed loss with evidence
  • Stay with you from initial appointment through final insurance settlement

Fire Damage Claim Adjusters in Miami

Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. is here to serve you. You can help your adjuster by taking your time to document every loss, no matter how seemingly trivial to you. Leave nothing out, and do not hesitate to add to your list as you uncover more damage. The more thorough your review, the stronger your claim.

Contact Rapid Public Adjusters, Inc. today to learn the full process of fire damage recovery for your Miami home or business.

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